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It took me by surprise when Keith so readily agreed to give guy/guy action a try when I threw the idea by him. I really wasn't expecting a positive response when I first approached him. Here's a guy that was on the homecoming court in school, is a boxer, and spends just about every day with a whole host of girls to choose from. Yet, when I did ask, he got this pensive look on his face for awhile, before finally saying, "Sure". Mind you, it's not like he jumped right into it. He followed up that "Sure" with a ton of questions about what he'd have to do, what was expected of him, as well as concern about whether or not it'd be any good. Asking him why he decided to give it a go, he was honest about the fact that he mainly just wanted to make some good money and knew this was the way to do it. He did have some concerns, though. "If you're going to do something, do it right... but I don't think I'd be any good with a guy," he said. "This isn't something I'd ever thought about doing, so what if I just do a horrible, horrible job?!" I found it pretty endearing that he was so concerned with that. He wanted to put on a good show and perform well, yet was upfront and honest about the fact that he'd be doing something so new and different it very well could be a disaster! That's really the kind of guy Keith is, though - upfront, honest, friendly and thoughtful! Once the fucking gets started, I think any concern Keith had that he'd not do well had flown out the window. He was fully boned up and ready to fuck, and has Travis moaning and groaning and grunting loud as he starts fucking him. True to form, Travis' cock is as hard as can be as Keith's thick dick drills him. Travis has been several CF studs' first, and I think he was loving the fact that he had in Keith a guy that was not only hung and ready to fuck, but also happy to reciprocate - the BJ and rim job to kick things off, as well as stroking Travis' stiff dick while he fucks him. I'm not sure if Keith knew what he was getting himself into there, though! As we know, Travis is almost always on the edge of cumming while getting fucked! So, while riding Keith's dick and having Keith jerking him off, Travis ends up blowing a big load all over Keith's chest. Keith looks totally fascinated by it, and ends up getting pushed over the edge himself immediately thereafter!

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