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I could never tire of filming Vince. He just has this look to him that drives me nuts and that I always find myself caught up in staring at when he's around. Perhaps it's those bright blue eyes or what you could call a "model's face" - the cheekbones, lips and eyes. Before I sound like I'm writing the opening lines to a greeting card, though, I should just talk about what happens here as Vince tries guy/guy action for the first time ever, as he fucks Brent! Vince was one I particularly was eager to get to try guy/guy action. He's such a passionate and sexual guy, as well as just oozed masculine "straight-ness" when we first filmed him, that I knew it was going to be especially fun to film him in action with a guy. Even during his solo video, he wanted a cute, naked girl to stare at. He was obsessed with looking at every inch of her body and you could just see in his eyes and body language how turned on he was by having a girl around. So that doing stuff with a guy was such new and different territory had me confident things were going to be quite fun, here! Vince was a hard one to convince to give this stuff a shot, though. Whenever I approached him with the idea of doing stuff with a guy, he'd politely decline but then add, "I'd be happy to fuck more girls, though!". As happy as I'd be to film that, I also just really wanted to see him with a guy! You and I both know that's what we're all hoping to see! Ultimately, he decided to give things a go. "OK... I'll do it. But I may need to fuck even more girls just to even things out!", he said. I'm fine with that! Beyond seeing Vince with another man for the first time ever, there's something else about this pairing that was lots of fun! Brent's no stranger to breaking guys in, but he usually does so when they first bottom. Here, however, he's the one bottoming! Brent looks just as hot getting fucked as he does fucking, so I had no doubt this was going to be a hot one! There's some clear passion here as things get going. Both Vince and Brent are passionate types that are thoroughly at home having sex, and that shows here. Despite almost always having girls on his mind, Vince really let loose, relaxed, and decided to totally be in the moment and let whatever physical pleasures come along and run with them! Vince's dick was made to fuck, and Brent's hole was guaranteed to get a good workout here!

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